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Friday, August 12, 2005

Praying for Patience

I really hate it when I have to do my job twice for no good reason. One thing that I hate more than that is having to do the same job three times.

We set up a new store last month sometime. At that time, they wanted me to come out and give them the equipment and train them on how to use the system even though they didn't have their permit and still had some remodeling work to do. Ok, not that big of a deal. I gave the lady a training, and told her about needing a phone line for the equipment to work, told her to just plug in the power, plug in the phone, it should work just fine.

About three weeks later, they finish the remodeling, and she calls me up and asks if I could come set every thing up and show her how to do everything. Fine! I set the equipment on the counter, plug in their power cord (really difficult) and plug in the phone cable (also quite tricky) and show them again how what all they are supposed to do.

And for those of you that don't know what I do, don't worry about it, it's too long of a story to explain right this second, just know that it isn't very difficult if you listen.

Well, fast forward three more weeks and here we are. She calls me again today. "I really don't want to get into trouble, could you come out and explain everything to me and show me what to keep and what not?"


So, off I go in an hour or so to a place that's not exactly around the corner to explain something for the same lady that I've already trained TWO OTHER TIMES! It would still be somewhat aggrivating, but understandable if she wanted me to come out and give a training class to a bunch of new hires, or people who weren't able to make it the first time, etc. But this is the THIRD one-on-one, personal sit-down, undivided attention, answer any and all questions, face-to-face, stay as long as it takes for it to soak in training. The THIRD one. Like I said, I could understand a personal follow-up for a manager that wasn't able to sit in on a big sever class type training. But, this is the THIRD one where it has been just me and this one lady.

It really makes you wonder what is going on in the grey matter between the ears.


  • Face it bro. She thinks you're hot.

    By Blogger Little Green Friend, at 12:43 PM  

  • *Full body shiver* Let's hope not. Unless you are into the much older woman thing, then I'll but in a good word for ya. ;)

    By Blogger Lycan, at 12:46 PM  

  • "Da oldah da berry da sweetah da juice."

    By Blogger Little Green Friend, at 5:59 PM  

  • I sit here and laugh, not at your plight, but because I've heard the same story so many times from the husband.

    By Blogger Melanie, at 9:23 AM  

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