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Sunday, August 14, 2005

Busy yet Lazy Day

My wife's brother, Steven, and his family is in town this weekend. That usually means a lazy type of fun.

Steve is into board games. I don't mean Monopoly or Sorry either. We are talking big daddy boards games, like Axis and Allies. He has a plethora of complicated games spanning various wars and theathres of operation. This weekend's choice was Pacific at War by Xeno. It's essentially almost exactly like Axis and Allies except for a few modifications in the rules concerning unit movements and the fact that you use an 8-sided die rather than a typical 6-sided die.

After much chagrin from the female entities of the family, we usally emerge from our respective bunkers and rejoin the rest of the family for other games such as Pictionary, Trival Pursuit, Cranium, etc.; of which is always topped of with an hour or more of Poker. No Hearts or Spades or Rummy from this family. Nope! We are talking poker.

Shannon's family has been playing poker for generations, and has NOTHING to do with the recent cultural explosion and interest in Texas Hold'em. She learned to play from her father's mother, Rachel, almost before she could speak. Most people when they go to grandma's maybe get a little bit of "candy money". Not so with Steven and Shannon. They for sure had to bring money to grandma's; if they left with any, it was because they had earned it. Rachel made you ante up with chips that were bought in with real money. And there were no freebees. If you ran out of chips, you left the table. So, we continue the tradition of passing on the game, even though we don't make anyone actually buy in for their chips. 7-card stud, 7-card-no lookie, 7-card split, Dr. Pepper wild, Baseball, Jacks to Open-Trips to Win, and various name it, we play it.

It's always a lot of fun when they come into town, playing and hanging out with family, spent almost entirely over at my in-laws house away from any sort of computer communication ability. So I apologize to anyone that may or may not have had a birthday that managed to slip my mind until this morning. :p

We might be seeing The Great Raid with my family this afternoon.


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