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Friday, July 08, 2005

No! I Don't Want To Pull Up!

One of my biggest pet peeves going right now is idiots at the drive through window. Namely, when they ask you to pull forward while they finish the rest of your order. I don't know if there is a new corporate mandate to reduce the amount of time that you actually sit in one spot. Maybe they have a camera where someone is timing how long a car actually sits at the window and they can't tell the difference between a completed order and a pull up. Whatever the reason, it's stupid!

The whole idea of pulling forward is so that the person behind you doesn't have to wait if they have by some small chance finished preparing their order before yours. If I happen to order 10 Big Macs Combo meals supersized, and the people behind me ordered an ice cream cone, yeah sure, No Problem.

But lately it seems like they are asking me to move up simply on the basis that I've been sitting at the window for longer than 15 seconds without getting my food.

Take what happened tonight for instance. The wife and I decide to patron the local Mickey D's. We pull up to the drive through and find that we are the ONLY people in the entire line. No one in front of us when we pulled up. No one behind us. We order two simple combo meals. We pull around to the window, they hand us our drinks, we sit there maybe 10 more seconds and they ask us to pull forward. I look in my rear view mirror, still no one behind us. I'm not a fan of confrontation, for the most part, so I play along and pull forward. We don't sit there but maybe, MAYBE a minute longer and the guy is bringing our food out to us. I take one more look behind us, still no one in line.


Technically speaking, we could have had our food an extra 15 seconds faster if they guy could have just handed it through the window instead of having to walk out the front of the store to our car.

.....I feel better now.


  • I hear ya, but being a cashier myself. You really don't like people giving you the look of death because your backline cook is a moron and can't remember that fries come with a combo. So then you have to wait an additional 2.5 minutes. And about the cameras, where I work they've got metal detectors and yes we are timed. So we are suppose to keep are drive thru average under a certain time. So that's the real reason you get asked to pull up.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 12:51 AM  

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