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Sunday, July 17, 2005

New Computer

I have sitting in my living room 80% of a brand spanking new computer.

The two things that Fry's did not have in stock were the video card and the processor that I wanted. I ended up just ordering those on the Internet. The bad thing about buying stuff on the Internet after you have the majority of the other stuff is that it just sits there looking at you while you wait for the stuff to come in the mail. And it's not like it has to go a couple of days without sound while I get everything installed. It's heart and brain of the machine that I'm waiting on. So, hopefully Tuesday I will be able to begin the journey of putting in the finishing touches and start the installion of my very own OEM version of windows and drivers.

I also procured for myself a digital camera, so I will be able to easily add pictures very soon.


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