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Thursday, July 21, 2005

Identity Verification

I'm not too happy with one online site in particular, mainly due to their id verification procedure. I'm curious if anyone that reads this has ever heard of anything like this before.

I placed an online order for a very popular item this past weekend. At the time of purchase the site indicated that they had the item in stock. No one, however, works on the weekends to process orders, so I didn't get confirmation of the order until Monday.

The problem lies in the fact that I worked out of the office all day Monday and did not get back to discover the order confirmation email until after 4:30 in the afternoon. It wasn't until this time that I discovered that in order to protect me against identity theft, I would be required to fax them a copy of my driver's license before my order could be fully processed.

This is one of the most inconvenient ways of id verification that I have ever heard of, and I feel that there is a reasonable possibility that this cost me a chance to be one of the ones to have the item shipped before they ran out of stock. If I had known before hand that I was going to have to do this, I would have waited in the office a little longer to get this done early. Maybe, however, this it is part of their security policy to not inform any would be theifs that they will have to do this before they place an order. Whatever...regardless, it cost them a sale.

I have since cancelled my back ordered item and placed an order with a different online store. On site B, I found that they had more security questions that could be filled out and verified electronically that would insure that it was in fact me placing the order, or at least hinder any would be theives from obtaining their merchandice. For example, requiring that the items are shipped to the billing address logged with the CC company, and requiring that I input my CC's customer service telephone number to insure that I actually had the card in front of me.

Anyways, in this day and age, I found it a bit archaic, fishy, and half-ass that they should ask you to fax a copy of you DL before they can package your order.


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