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Sunday, July 17, 2005


I don't know exactly what it is about major tournaments. I usually can't watch golf. I played golf in high school. I love to play, even though I can't seem to even get under about a 20 handicap. I still can't sit down and watch other people playing golf on courses that I can't and playing better than I can, and much more regularly than I can.

Except on Sunday of the major tournaments. I'm glued, even more so if Tiger's in the running. It's very much like turning on a baseball game after they get to the 7th inning. I don't really care what they did during the first three days, I want to see how they finish.

The good thing about the Britich Open is that the tournament will be over about 12:30~1:00 this afternoon instead of about 7:00 this evening. Another interesting aspect of the British Open is how unique of a course that is St. Andrews. If they didn't have greens with flags in holes you might think you had wondered onto a goat farm. No trees, but they make up for it in the form of rolling hills in the fareways and sand traps deeper than a man is tall and rough that looks like some of wild grass on the side of the highway.

Regardless of how ugly it is, however, it is the considered the birthplace of golf, and Tiger Woods is in the lead.


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