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Friday, July 22, 2005

Food for thought: Getting God's Attention

One of the best things about having pets, and I'm sure it is the same way only more so with children (which is one reason I'm looking forward to having kids), is that the Holy Spirit uses them to pull on my heartstrings a bit by making me thing of them as an analogy to my own relationship to God. Or rather how my relationship to God should be.

This morning when I started to stir in the bed, I noticed that my little dachshund, Rusty, had curled up right next to me to sleep during the night. When he felt me stir, he turned to me and started nudging my hand for me to pet him. I tried to play opossum to no avail; after a few second of neglect he started his patented grunting and quiet barking to let me know that he wanted my attention in the form of petting.

He does that a lot. He seeks me out for my attention. If I'm sitting on the couch watching TV, he will sometimes hop up on his hindquarters (we call it sitting pretty) and just looks at me while he is standing up like that until I notice him. Or he'll sit down next to me and start grunting until I pet him.

My question to you today is: How often do you do a spiritual version of this with God? How often do you keep bugging Him, and bugging Him with your thoughts and prayers, putting everything thing else aside and focus only on Him until he is forced to give you some sort of attention.

In Genesis 32: 22-32 you will find the passage where the Bible tells us that Jacob physically wrestled with God. Even after God injured his hip, Jacob continued to wrestle until he received a blessing.

Just a thought for the day. We don't literally seek out and worship idols, but how much time do we allow ourselves to work on our blogs, or play video games, or peruse iTunes, etc. instead of spending time praying or spending time with family. I'm guilty of it quite a bit.


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